Sunday, August 28, 2011


Welcome to Licious New York. My name is Sarah and I am a tax accountant for a public accounting firm in New York City. Not exactly what you expected in a food site is it.....well read on and enjoy!!!!

I know so many people these days love food, want to eat, cook, and write about it. The term "foodie" has taken on a whole new meaning as more and more people discover the hobby and join what used to be a "chef's" world. I am a cross between what a foodie used to be and what they are now. I have some actual cooking experience and education, yet I am not a chef by definition or designation.

Many people think eating is just a necessity to living, a chore for part of our busy days "especially in NYC" I think that once people realize that cooking and eating does not need to be extravagant they will have the opportunity to escape from the madness and travel to any destination of flavor.

I am lucky enough to love to eat and am fortunate enough to know how to cook. I have had the opportunity to travel, and even live abroad so this site is a collection of my recipes, entertaining ideas and opinions on places I have been lucky enough to indulge in from various locations with a focus on none other than NYC.

I am open for any request or suggestions; from places to eat to changes or additions to any of my recipes you may have tried yourself.


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